Why is it so important to have a lawyer when you have been charged with domestic violence? You are wise to have an attorney any time you have been arrested, but in a domestic violence case, you need access to your home and family, as well as protect your rights.

Domestic abuse can be especially difficult because the people involved are related and the issues are emotional. When there are witnesses, they, too, are often related. As a former prosecutor and experienced trial lawyer, criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC know the complexities that can arise in domestic violence cases.
You have the right ...

To an attorney
To remain silent
To know the charges
To examine the evidence
To confront your accusers
To a jury trial

We will analyze your case. That includes gathering all the evidence and talking to witnesses. Your New York City domestic violence attorney will interview the alleged victim and others to get a full picture of the case.

Was self-defense involved? In a domestic battery case, the alleged victim may have struck the first blow. If you responded in self-defense, we will examine the physical evidence and talk to witnesses to verify your account.

Are there mitigating circumstances? In defending your case, your lawyer will assess mitigating circumstances that could limit the consequences. Anger management classes, therapy, and probation are all possible sentences